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About Metis

Metis is a simple Hugo theme for academics, it features a blog section with MathJax. It is very, very minimal and you probably want to change it up a bit.

The theme is named after Metis, the Titaness of wisdom, skill and craft who helped Zeus to free his siblings from his fathers’ stomach by creating a potion causing him to vomit them out.


    post = "/post/:year/:month/:day/:slug/"
    note = "/note/:year/:month/:day/:slug/"

The menu can be defined here:

    name = "Home"
    url = "/"
    weight = 1
    name = "About"
    url = "/about/"
    weight = 2
    name = "Categories"
    url = "/categories/"
    weight = 3
    name = "Tags"
    url = "/tags/"
    weight = 4
    name = "Subscribe"
    url = "/index.xml"

Alternatively, you can add menu: main to the front matter of your content to make them show up in the menu.

The page footer can be defined in .Params.footer, and the text is treated as Markdown, e.g.,

    footer = "© [Floris den Hengst]("


There are two layout files under layouts/partials/ that you may want to override: head_custom.html and foot_custom.html.

There are only two CSS files in static/css/fonts.css and static/css/style.css which you may alter as you please.


This theme wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome Hugo documentation and the excellent Xmin theme as an example.